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After marrying Daniela Ospina the mother of his eldest son Salom├ę and subsequently divorcing, Cucute├▒o began dating Shannon de Lima in approximately 2018, but apparently their story ended.

  • ┬źYou look amazing without trying so hard┬╗ OnlyFans , ┬źThe body of Instagram┬╗ and ┬źWhat a great shot┬╗, were some of the well deserved praises.

  • However, Sagra started strength training and started building muscle on his lean body.

Top 15 Fitness Models on Instagram with the Best Abs

She deeply loves weight lifting and do hard work in gym.

  • The strange case of Anllela Sagra the Fitness Model Author of the entry:testosteronextgoldsiteCategory of the entry: OnlyFans Bodybuilding Blog Does Anllela Sagra suffer from a disease? Her entire physique is quite toned, including her abs.

  • Apart form her lower and upper body, Anllela is known for having a strong and toned core.