Adam 22 kendama - Curren$y, 905Shooter & Doggystyleee Pull Up to No Jumper!

22 kendama adam Kaizen Kendama

22 kendama adam No jumper


22 kendama adam Adam Savage

22 kendama adam Adam Savage

22 kendama adam NO JUMPER

22 kendama adam I am

The Tribute Kendama is BACK!!!

22 kendama adam 24 Hours

22 kendama adam Promote your

22 kendama adam Promote your

Conversation between adam22 and kazumisworld.

22 kendama adam A Day


Joking and non-literal titles are fine.

  • Each trick drawn warrants a maximum of 3 exchanges - the number of times the players can go back and forth attempting the trick.

  • Michael has recently taken up playing the Kendama, a Japanese cup and ball toy, and Adam helps make one from scratch that helps optimize his play.

Kaizen Kendama Shift Halo Citrus Yellow Green White

That might actually be part of what makes it all work.

  • The size and materials used to create kendamas now vary as they are offered in jumbo and mini sizes, and have been created out plastic, metal, and nylon.

  • There are still a few weeks before the contest deadline.