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If you really want to see this crap, you can Google those names; we're not going to link.

  • Watson gets an A+ in stealing our hearts.

  • He met Hill again at a party in June 1934 and recruited her to launder Outfit racket money by placing wagers at Chicago horse race tracks.

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The complexities of gender identity in the religion of Cybele and the Attis myth are explored by Catullus in one of his longest poems, Carmen 63.

  • But Hill is best known for her relationship with Siegel, a stormy and sex-charged union of two professional criminals, experts in money laundering, gambling, intimidation, fraud and, later, Mexican narcotics.

  • While some of that was probably propaganda for the consumption of naive fans who think, or hope, that porn actresses have insatiable sexual appetites, her exploits eventually filtered beyond the insular world of pornography.