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Pat Morita’s life examined in ‘More Than Miyagi’ documentary

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Salgado Macedonio: Evelyn, the daughter of

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‎Cheech & Chong's Next Movie (1980) directed by Tommy Chong • Reviews, film + cast • Letterboxd

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List of people in Playboy 1980

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Guerrero hot evelyn 14 Bustiest

Evelyn Guerrero

The atmosphere on set must have been fantastic because everyone looks happy and plays this to the hilt.

  • So if you like a young Linnea, you really need to see this.

  • Angela Aames as Bo Peep is exceptionally pretty and proves what a shame her untimely death was.

Cathy Larmouth

Totally didn't expect how awesome the rendition of the tunes are, which are presented with silly props, fun nudity and some pretty great eye candy well, shoulders down that is and nudity itself is not acted in a way that is meant to stimulate.

  • Linnea is sexy, but everyone else is disturbingly yucky! Charles Band strikes gloriously ridiculous schlock movie fool's gold with this giddy, bawdy, cheerfully lewd, crude and rude vaudeville revue-style soft-core sex musical comedy send-up of beloved Mother Goose nursery rhyme characters who are tossed smack dab into the middle of a gratuitous nudity-packed, sex-ridden, scuzzy pun-laden low-budget nice'n'naughty goofathon loaded with wink-wink, nudge-nudge hammy acting, pretty girls frequently shedding their scanty apparel, cheesy Cole Porter-type song-and-dance numbers, leering double entendres, grotesquely drawn black, homosexual and sexually deviant characters, semi-explicit simulated sex, dirty jokes about erections and voyeurism, and an ingratiatingly good-natured sense of aim-for-the-groin lowbrow high school locker room humor.

  • What works is the charm of them and their mostly innocent destructiveness.

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