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But usually we aren't being stripped by a scurrilous Eurotrash banker and forced to endure a ball beating like the one James Bond suffered at the hands of Le Chiffre in.

  • That description sounds a lot like Paul Verhoeven's which I also highly recommend - but this is something else entirely! Made by a young German filmmaker, Dear Future Children follows three young female activists in Hong Kong, Chile, Uganda as they cope with the immense personal impacts of their activism.

  • Kourtney Kardashian When Sia heard that naked photos of her had been hacked and were making the rounds on the internet, she decided to take the air out of the tires of that market, real fast.

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But I've been doing Pilates for so many years, my main workout is always focused on the core.

  • The former child star was shown in a sex scene as she made the transition to more adult roles.

  • It spoke to his confidence that he'd overcome his vampy vulnerability to the sun.