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This is the most publicized fight in the movie, having appeared endlessly in all of the trailers, but it's not quite the movie's best fight.

  • The colas are massive, some variations compare their final measurements to 2-liter soda bottles.

  • On the west bank is medieval Buda, hilly and full of history, and on the east is Pest, modern and bohemian.

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Emerging market and developing economies will be buffeted by economic headwinds from multiple quarters: pressure on weak health care systems, loss of trade and tourism, dwindling remittances, subdued capital flows, and tight financial conditions amid mounting debt.

  • People who do perfectly legal things that you dislike are not entitled to basic human rights or the legal protections afforded to regular people.

  • A high-tech sector and experienced government collaborating to detect, contain and treat cases early.