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If you, dear friend, happen to know about a legal way to do it, please,.

  • I met so many amazing photographers that I've now traveled to most of the country creating art! We not only focus on taking pictures, but learning and networking with like minded individuals.

  • You can hear their rhythms through the ages.


What if you did a semantic feature analysis of different percussion instruments.

  • We make sure everyone has the proper settings on their cameras, the right equipment and give you all the help you could need.

  • Often, you will find that I intermingle the two to create an environmental portrait that showcases beauty in more than one way! Make yourself at home, we'll provide snacks and drinks! Showcasing Cover Girl: Rebekah Shibao and Featured Models: Cherie Noel, Jessica Kaylor, Brenna Dawn, Audrey Jones, Hannah Wehring, Nicki Austin, Sydney Rose, Carrie Englehart and Leigha Heverly.