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Aubrey O'Day's Hottest Moments: Photos Over the Years

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Aubrey O'Day combats body shamers with a cheeky Instagram snap

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Aubrey O'Day Goes Topless In Shiny Gold Skirt

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Aubrey O’Day Didn’t Have Sex for Over a Year Before ‘Ex on the Beach’

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Aubrey O'Day is seen in unfiltered photos hanging out at a hotel pool

In another post, she showed a 'proof of life' photo, with the date written where she looks much slimmer than the candid shots.

  • The Dumblonde songstress, who made a name for herself after being selected as one of five members of on Making the Band , keeps turning up the heat in her photos.

  • She has since posed for Playboy and appeared in Hairspray on Broadway.

Aubrey O'Day's Bikini Photos: See Singer's Swimsuits Pics

The former contestant of The Celebrity Apprentice wrote a caption about strength and gentleness that went well with the white roses she strategically placed across her chest.

  • Later in 2013, she reunited with them before additional disbandment.

  • Guests at the pool said there is no question that it was Aubrey, as she proclaimed loud and proud to other guests exactly who she was.