Dana gillespie images - Lachlan Gillespie's fiancée Dana Stephensen shares a sweet image of herself cradling their twins

Gillespie images dana Lachlan Gillespie's

Gillespie images dana Dana Gillespie

Gillespie images dana Lachy ‘Wiggle’

Glamorous Photos of Dana Gillespie in the 1960s and ’70s ~ Vintage Everyday

Gillespie images dana Lachy ‘Wiggle’

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Dana Gillespie shirtless

Gillespie images dana Lachy ‘Wiggle’

Purple Wiggle Lachlan Gillespie's best photos of his twin daughters

Gillespie images dana Lachlan Gillespie's

Gillespie images dana Pan's People

Gillespie images dana Lachy ‘Wiggle’

Lachy ‘Wiggle’ Gillespie and Dana Stephensen share all the cutest pics of their twin girls

The most striking thing about him was his hair; it was shoulder-length and lemon-yellow, with a sort of Veronica Lake cut.

  • If you include her work on soundtracks and other special projects, she passed the milestone of 70 albums over a year ago.

  • The new line-up with Pearson appeared on in September and October 1967, replacing the Beat Girls from the 1966 series - all the Pan's People in this line-up except Pearson had appeared in the earlier series.

Dana Gillespie: Life Story And Fabulous Photos Of The Multi

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  • Returning to London, she became a jobbing musician and took acting work.

  • By either scenario, Pan's People were left as the sole dance troupe by July 1968.

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