Marvin antm 20 - ANTM's Marvin Cortes is Embracing Bisexuality

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Jourdan Miller

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Marvin Cortes, America’s Next Top Model runner

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20 marvin antm Cory Marvin

'America's Next Top Model': Where Are They Now?

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20 marvin antm Marvin Cortes,

20 marvin antm America's Next

Where is Jourdan Miller now? Updates on America's Next Top Model season 20 winner!

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America's Next Top Model's Jourdan Miller has filed for bankruptcy

20 marvin antm America's Next

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My favorite shoot had to be the rice paddy shoot.

  • Modeling is who I am now.

  • Marvin recently turned out 27 years old and belongs to Honduran descent with Scorpio as his birth zodiac sign.

Are Marvin and Renee Still Together? America’s Next Top Model Update

My mom wants this to be a phase, so badly.

  • Showing you the careers of the cast of cycle 20 Guys and Girls of America's Next Top Model.

  • I'm really an advocate for free self expression.